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Social Disability Among Neurodivergent People

Human neurological diversity takes many forms. The neurodiversity movement sprang from the autism community, but now also includes people with many other sorts of neurological difference. While no hard and fast rules exist, it's commonly accepted that neurodivergent people are those individuals whose neurology is thought to be different in some measurable way.

This way of thinking and its associated terms sprang from the popular belief that "autistic people have brains that are wired differently." You do not have to be a neuroscientist to recognize the difference between that and, say, a behavior that was acquired in response to trauma or a neurological disability associated with an injury.

The most common neurological differences discussed in the neurodiversity community are autism, the related DSM5 social communication disorder, and ADHD. While all those conditions are thought to spring from "different" brain configurations they are nonetheless diagnosed …

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